Nordex widening range of wind turbines for medium and low-wind regions

The Nordex Group is widening its range of efficient solutions for medium and light-wind locations with the addition of two new models.

The N131/3900 is an enhanced version of the N131/3600 from the Generation Delta range. With the N131/3900, Nordex is raising the nominal output of its most powerful light-wind turbine by 8 percent, thus enabling yield gains of between one and four percent to be achieved depending on the location.

Despite the increased output, acoustic emissions could be kept at low106.2 decibels by using serrations at the rear edges of the blade. Moreover, noise-optimised operation modes are available for the turbine, meaning that it can also be used in sound-sensitive locations.

Nordex is offering the N131/3900 with hub heights of up to 134 metres. The turbine will be available in North America as well as large parts of Europe from January 2018. The first N131/3900 will be installed in Germany at the end of 2017.

Nordex is now also offering the N131/3600 for locations with medium wind speeds. The N131/3600 was launched in autumn 2016 as a turbine for light-wind locations. It has now been assigned to a higher wind class, allowing Nordex to supplement its range with a larger rotor for medium wind-speed locations.

The rotor sweep in this wind class is 25 percent greater than that of the medium-wind turbine N117/3600. As a result, the turbine yield is up to 15 percent higher depending on the conditions prevailing at the location.

This has been made possible thanks to adjustments to two variables: For one thing, the turbulence curves are tailored to meet the target markets, meaning that the turbine is able to meet actual turbulence requirements of the specific location. For another, the operations management has become even more intelligent, permitting load-optimized turbine control by means of individual pitch control (IPC).

The N131/3600 is ideally suited for locations characterized by medium wind conditions in Germany, Scandinavia and Turkey. The first turbine of this type was installed in January 2017 close to Husum in northern Germany. The N131/3600 will be available in hub heights of between 84 and 134 metres. Generally speaking, the turbine exhibits very low noise levels for this wind and output class, achieving a figure of 104.9 decibels thanks to serrations.