India has installed capacity of 28 GW of wind energy

India’s wind energy sector is the fourth largest in the world.

In an important milestone for India’s journey towards 24×7 power for all based on green energy, ABB India on Thursday said it has surpassed the 4.5GW mark with the delivery of over 2,000 wind power generators across the country.

Currently, India has installed capacity of 28 GW of wind-generated electricity. Around 10 percent of this was installed in 2015. Several policy and regulatory incentives are spurring growth in the sector. The Narendra Modi-led government has set ambitious target of generating 60 GW of electricity from wind power generators by 2022.

An electric generator is positioned at the heart of any wind mill and turbine, which converts natural power of wind into electricity. ABB India is among the largest generator manufacturers for wind turbines which are made in their plant at Vadodara in Gujarat.

“We are privileged to partner the growth of the Indian wind sector, which currently is the fourth largest in the world,” said Sanjeev Sharma, CEO and Managing Director, ABB India. “The state of the art portfolio made in India provides a reliable system, which can guarantee continuous operation, maximum production of energy with the lowest lifetime cost.”

In addition, ABB is also building one of the world’s longest UHVDC (Ultra High-Voltage Direct Current) links from Madhya Pradesh to Tamil Nadu, which will integrate wind power in the south with the main grid to serve demand centers of central and north India.