The Evolution of Wind Power in 2016

The Evolution of Wind Power is the result from a cooperation between The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and renewable energy software company Greenbyte. The interactive map reveals the cumulative installed capacity per country, continent and the world between 1981-2017. Let’s take a closer look at the figures and see what has happened in the past twelve months.

Last year again, China hit the ground running with 23,328 MW added wind power capacity in 2016. With 168,690 MW installed capacity, China remains the world’s largest regional market for new wind power development.

An Asian newcomer on the map this year is Pakistan which almost doubled its installed wind power capacity in 2016 to 591 MW. Another fast-moving Asian is South Korea – with a 19% increase from last year to 1,031 MW installed wind power capacity the country is now the fourth biggest wind power nation in Asia.

France had an excellent year in 2015 with 1073 MW installed and still managed to double its growth in 2016 to nearly 12 GW of super-clean wind energy in total. ~1000 kilometers south of France, South Africa also had wind in its sails last year, reaching 1471 MW of installed capacity, i.e. a 28% increase from 2015.

2016 was also a great year for Latin America; Brazil kept its impressive and steady growth with more than 2 GW installed, totaling 10,740 MW and Chile’s and Uruguay’s respective installed wind power capacity grew more than 30%.

Established wind power nations Germany and USA have kept a steady growth with 10% new capacity added in 2016 respectively. Notable in 2016, Germany crossed the 50 GW mark in installed wind power capacity.

Other countries that experienced significant growth in installed wind power capacity last year were Chile up 34,5% to 1424 MW, Uruguay up 30% to 1210 MW and Peru up 39% to 241 MW, Turkey up 23% to 6081 MW and Netherlands up 20,5% to 4328 MW.

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