Wind energy in Brazil increased by 77%

The Brazilian energy matrix grew cleaner last year and the change came mostly as a result of a relevant increment in consumption of wind power and ethanol-based power. The demand for gasoline went down concurrently, as per this year’s edition of the report Relatório Síntese do Balanço Energético Nacional (BEN) released by the Energy Research Company (EPE) this Friday (22).

The report shows that last year, wind power consumption soared by 77.1% against 2014 numbers and ethanol consumption rose 18.6%, while gasoline consumption went down 9.5%.

The share of renewable energies in Brazil’s energy matrix increased from 74.6% to 75.5% as a result of a drop in fossil-fuel based thermal power generation and of higher biomass- and wind-based power, which also offset a 3.2% drop in hydroelectric power.