Peru utilizes only 1% of wind energy potential

In 2014, Peru’s Ministry of Energy and Mines announced that by 2024, hydroelectric, wind and solar, among other renewables, will meet 66% of Peru’s energy needs.

Today they informed that Peru has a wind energy potential of about 22,450 megawatts (MW), but only 1% of that (239 MW) has been taken advantage of in plants.

In total there are four wind farms operating in Peru that provide 239 MW to the National Interconnected Electric System (SEIN, Spanish acronym), according to Gestion.

“However, the State is working to continue to promote the development of renewable energy in the country,” said the Ministry, according to the business magazine.

Peru’s first three big central wind farms came into operation in 2014: “Marcona” in Ica (32 MW); “Cupisnique” in La Libertad (80 MW); and “Talara” in Piura (30 MW).

The country’s fourth plant, “Tres Hermanas,” was installed March 11 of this year in the Ica district of Marcona. The wind farm consists of 33 wind turbines and it sends its energy to SEIN through an existing substation in Marcona.

Wind energy is an attractive source of energy because it is a free, renewable resource. In other words, it doesn’t matter how much is used, but there will be the same supply in the future. Not only that, but wind energy is also a clean source of energy. It doesn’t emit air pollutants or greenhouse gases.