Wind energy exceeds nuclear power

The wind energy exceeded nuclear in power generation worldwide and enough capacity to cover global consumption, indicated a report of the Global Wind Energy Council. According to the data of that entity and the World Nuclear Association at the closing of 2015, there were installed 432,42 gigawatts, after adding 63 over the last year (17 more than the previous year).

With those figures, both institutions affirm the energy from the wind is actually the option when substituting the sources of electricity generation based on fossil fuels for the renewable ones that do not imply carbon emissions to the atmosphere. Among the countries that more decisively bet to generate electricity through the wind, China is the biggest representative with an important number of plants in operation, representing 33 percent of all world eolic energy installed. It is followed by the United States, India and Spain.

There is more capacity to produce electricity from the wind installed over the world than megawatts of the dangerous nuclear energy, ratified the Global Wind Energy Council, with headquarters in Brussels.

In comparison, said the World Nuclear Association, there barely are 382.55 gigawatts installed capacity in reactors all over the planet.