Photovoltaic solar energy to supply record of 15% of UK’s power

A spokeswoman for the Solar Trade Association who works to promote the benefits of solar energy, said: “More and more solar is installed every day, it is likely that a new record is set every time we have good conditions now – and this week certainly is having them.”


The STA who made the prediction also celebrates Solar Independence Day alongside the industry today with numerous open events at solar homes, solar schools, commercial solar rooftops and solar farms across the UK. According to Michael Schmela, an executive advisor to trade body SolarPower Europe, for the first time ever in Europe, renewables produced more power than nuclear with “solar power key in achieving this remarkable achievement.” Statistics showed that the UK is leading European solar energy expansion enabling renewables to overtake nuclear power with industry leaders hailing this as the tipping point for the technology. These effects are being felt in the South East of the UK where the installed capacity of sites generating electricity from renewable sources is at its highest. Ground source and air source heat pump installer RA Brown said, “Business for us has just gone from strength to strength over the years which have resulted in our work being recognised by awarding bodies such as National Heat Pump Awards and H&V News Awards.” Similarly, another MCS Certified Supplier EOC Services who work with over 600 local and national companies in East Anglia and across the UK said, “Renewable Heat Incentive schemes have come a long way in making people think differently about environmentally sustainable alternatives that are available. The RHI has undoubtedly aided this rapid expansion.” Michael French from ISSWWW, a distributor of Solar Panel Testing Equipment said, “Even from our perspective, we have seen increased sales of solar related equipment year on year and have had to adapt to meet the demand from the market. With the climate that we have in the South East, it’s not a surprise so many land owners are seizing the opportunity to invest in solar power.”