Wind power in Serbia: Fintel to build wind farm

Fintel Energia Group S.p.A. has received a license to build and operate a 9,225 MW capacity wind farm in Veliko Gradiste in eastern Serbia.

The wind farm, which will be built in the first half of 2016, will be operated by Vetropark RAM d.o.o., a daughter company in which Fintel Energia Group S.p.A. has a 54 percent stake through the company MK Fintel Wind d.o.o., according to a release from MK Fintel Wind.

The RAM wind farm, which will generate clean energy for about 4,400 Serbian households, is the fourth MK Fintel Wind project that has received building and operating permits.

MK Fintel Wind, founded in 2007, is one of the first “green energy” companies in Serbia, producing electricity by way of wind and solar power, the release said.