Heart of new Dutch wind farm installed offshore

The OHVS (Offshore High Voltage Station) was installed offshore for the new Dutch offshore wind farm, Eneco Luchterduinen (129 MW).

A crane vessel was deployed for this spectacular operation. With its 80-metre-high booms, the floating crane picked up the station in IJmuiden.

The OHVS (appr. 900 tonnes) is four storeys high, 24 metres long, 23 metres wide, and 16 metres high and is equipped with  transformers and switch gear. The transformer station, which will collect the power that will soon be generated by 43 wind turbines and convert it from 33kV to 150kV, will serve as the departure point of the power cable that will transport it more than 25 kilometres to the mainland.

Van Oord is the main contractor for the Eneco Luchterduinen offshore wind farm. The construction of the wind farm is in full swing. Last autumn, 44 foundation piles were installed. Van Oord will begin installing the 43 Vestas wind turbines in April. The Eneco Luchterduinen wind farm will be operational by the end of 2015 and will generate power for nearly 150,000 households.