The big boom in solar energy, PV and Concentrated Solar Power, in world’s biggest energy market

These two graphs pretty much speak for themselves. They highlight the surge in growth in the solar energy market in the US – encompassing residential and commercial solar power, utility scale solar PV and concentrated solar power.


The graphs come from a recent presentation by the Solar Energy Industry Association in the US.   By the end of 2015, i expects accumulated capacity in the US to reach 28 GW. It has another 36 GW of utility scale solar in the pipeline, and the residential market, now at just over one million homes, is also expected to surge.

This is represented in the next graph, with utility scale solar leading the way, and residential installations surging ahead of commercial and industrial installations. The SEIA expects 18 per cent growth and a new installation every 2.5 minutes.


In 2014, 36 per cent of all electricity capacity was solar. But by 2016, it will still account for 1.6 per cent of the total generation mix.