U.S. wind power industry hails progress on new lines for clean energy

With the expected announcement today of a new clean energy power line in New Mexico, the U.S. wind power industry stressed how such infrastructure is to tapping more low-cost renewable energy sources that protect consumers.
“We applaud the administration and members of Congress for working through the difficult process of finding solutions to allow for clean energy delivery without sacrificing other important uses of the land,” said Rob Gramlich, Senior Vice President for Government and Public Affairs at the American Wind Energy Association.
“This type of infrastructure investment in new transmission lines will modernize the U.S. grid and deliver the nation’s best renewable energy resources to population centers,” Gramlich said.
“A strong transmission grid provides consumers with low-cost energy options that help ensure robust competition in electricity markets. New power lines diversify the grid, so it’s more secure from outages and spikes in the price of other fuels. They foster rural economic development at one end of the line, and lower prices at the other end.
“We applaud the federal and state permitting authorities for a thorough and thoughtful process and for taking into account multiple considerations in reaching their decision – this type of success only happens when all the parties work together, as we’re seeing today.”