Webinar provides clarity to Mexico’s energy Reform impact on renewable energy

Mexico is currently debating in congress the secondary laws that will have a profound change in the country’s energy sector, opening the private investment and affecting directly the renewable energy industry. FCBI LATAM has organized a free webinar to clarify the renewable energy framework going forwards.

Guaranteeing the development of renewable projects in the immediate future is a priority for the Mexican government. However, as the secondary laws are still to be clarified, it is a period of great uncertainty. To clarify the opportunities for renewable energy developers, FCBI Latam has organised an online webinar taking place Tuesday 15th of July.

The webinar is free and to register just follow the link http://goo.gl/jNlJr7

In the webinar, held in Spanish, the Secretary of Energy, the Wind and Solar Associations (AMDEE and Asolmex) plus the prestigious law firm López-Velarde, Heftye y Soría will share their experience and know-how to understand how the transition period will affect the development of renewable energies in the country.

During the webinar the panellist will analyze the regulatory framework and the new roles of government institutions, understand how to play in the new energy market and the opportunities to distribute and sell in the electricity market.

This exclusive webinar will take place Tuesday 15th July at 11am (CDT), 5pm (GMT) and will last for 45 minutes, and it’s organised in conjunction with RenovaMex 2014, taking place in Mexico DF on 19-20 November 2014.

To sign up for the complimentary webinar in Spanish visit: http://goo.gl/jNlJr7
or contact Brandon Páramo at brandon@fcbilatam.com