Belarus to build wind energy plant under EU Green Economy project

A wind farm plant will be built near Novogrudok as part of the Belarus-EU international technical assistance project “Green Economy in Belarus”, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Vladimir Tsalko told media after a ceremony of signing the agreement on financing the project at the total tune of €12 million.

On the EU’s behalf the document was signed by Head of the EU Delegation to Belarus Ambassador Maira Mora, BelTA has learnt.

“Nearly €5 million from the funds allocated under the project will be put into the implementation of a pilot project to construct a wind power plant near Novogrudok in order to determine the efficiency of using wind energy in the country and demonstrate its potential,” Vladimir Tsalko said.

All the works needed for the design and implementation of the project have been completed. In particular, a site for the construction of the plant has been preliminary determined, all required parameters, i.e. wind direction and speed, have been measured (8,000-12,000 meters per second at different heights at the selected site). Wind power plants can be erected on the territory where wind speed makes up at least 6,000 meters per second.

“Wind energy is a promising area of the green economy in Belarus,” Vladimir Tsalko noted. Today windmills efficiently operate in Myadel. The projects of the kind are vigorously promoted in the Minsk, Vitebsk, Brest and Grodno oblasts, the minister stressed.

Under the agreement, Belarus is planning to implement about 20 smaller green projects. Activities will be undertaken to improve the institutional and legislative framework. Attention will be given to the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of the green economy, small green initiatives and mini-projects.

“The signing of this agreement speaks of stability and fruitfulness of our relations with the European Union,” said Vladimir Tsalko.

Since 2009 the EU has been Belarus’ key partner in the field of environmental protection. “Back then Belarus and the European Commission signed an agreement, and the Ministry embarked on the projects relating to environmental protection, waste management, setting up ecological trails in Belarusian protected areas,” the Minister said.

Today the towns of Kobryn and Mosty jointly with EU are carrying out the projects to minimize environmental damage from domestic waste. “For these territories, we have developed complex schemes involving collection and transportation of waste and processing. We have purchased a variety of vehicles, including garbage trucks, loaders, crushers, sorting lines and others,” said Vladimir Tsalko.

For her part, the head of the EU Delegation in Belarus Maira Mora praised the cooperation with Belarus in the environmental field and welcomed the fact that environmental protection and green economy are the priorities for both the EU and Belarus.