CBI BIZ to Present China Concentrating Solar Power Summit 2013 in Beijing This April

The event will focus on China’s CSP industry policy trends, top projects at home and abroad as well as advanced CSP technical improvements.

CBI BIZ will launch the 3rd Annual China Concentrating Solar Power Summit on April 10th-12th, 2013 in Beijing, China.

The event will focus on China’s CSP industry policy trends, top projects at home and abroad as well as advanced CSP technical improvements. Delegates from well-known enterprises, including China Huaneng Group, China Guangdong Nuclear Solar Energy Development, BrightSource Energy, Abengoa solar, Schott Solar, HAWE, Rioglass and Flabeg, will attend this grand event.


On February 10, 2012, the National Energy Administration has printed out the <The 12th Five-year Plan of National Energy Science and Technology>, which specified the R&D of multi-tower supercritical solar thermal power generation technology, achieving the goal of commercial application of the 300MW supercritical CSP power generator units.

The National Energy Material Development Guide started to draw up in China Energy Engineering Group officially on 11th of July, 2012. In the “guide”, the special research will focus on all sorts of material development demand of CSP industry, putting forward and developing strategies.

On September 12, 2012, the National Energy Administration officially published <The 12th Five-year Plan of Solar Power>. According to this plan, China’s solar energy installation capacity will reach more than 21 GW, the generating capacity to 25 billion KWH by the end of 2015. The installation capacity of solar thermal power would reach to 1 million KW (1 GW). The very first commercial solar-thermal power station has started construction, effectively drove the development of key equipment and power generation system design and industry value chain’s integration, which has laid a preliminary technology and industrial base.
Project Information (Updating)


Start Date End Date Location Developer Technology Status Capacity
Aug 2009 Jun 2011 Turpan, Xinjiang Guodian Qingsong New Energy Parabolic Trough Pilot Run 180KW
2010 May 2012 Lanzhou, Gansu Lanzhou Dacheng Technology Parabolic Trough + Linear Fresnel Operational 200KW
Jan 2011 Oct 2011 Jiayuguan, Gansu China Datang and Tianwei Solar Hybrid Completion(1st Stage ) 10MW
N/A Aug 2012 De lingha, Qinghai Zhejiang SUPCON Group Tower Completion(1st Stage ) 50MW
N/A Sep 2012 Erdos, Inner Mongolia Erdos Huayuan Group Dish Completion 100KW
N/A Oct 2012 Sanya, Hainan China Huaneng Group Hybrid Operational 1.5MW
N/A N/A Jinta, Gansu China Huadian Engineering Parabolic Trough Research 50MW

Following two years’ success, the 3rd Annual China Concentrating Solar Power Summit, will again be held in April 10-12 in Beijing. This event would still focus on the growing China’s CSP industry, emphatically analyze the market situation and policy trend. The pre-conference workshop will exclusively invited India policy makers, project developers, EPC contractors and so on, gathering together to share the India market present situation, which provide a future cooperation opportunities for the domestic enterprises through networking; After-meeting site tour would be an actual observation of China’s industry players with more communications and business opportunities. On the occasion, industry leaders from government department, solar companies, energy companies, electricity companies, technology and equipment suppliers, industry solution providers and research institute will be presented. Based on the real needs of participants, the conference will provide a networking platform to interpret the latest policy trend, probe into the opportunities of CSP projects in China, present the latest scienti­fic and technological achievements and offer professional solutions. We are looking forward to your participation!

The organizing committee will also present a campaign to promote the 64MW Parabolic Trough CSP Plant Project* in Hebei Province at 14:00-16:00 on April 10th. Guest speakers are being invited from the project developer. Related representatives, leaders and experts will introduce the general planning, current construction status and problems of the project. Meanwhile, delegates from various CSP enterprises at home and abroad will gather for communication and business opportunities.

Join us to hear from

1. Andreas Nocker, Key Market Manager, HAWE Hydraulik SE

2. Eli Mandelberg, Executive V.P. & CBDO, HelioFocus Ltd.

3. Han Qinghao, General Manager, China Guangdong Nuclear Solar Energy Development Corp.

4. Huang Wenjun, Vice President & Chief Engineer, Zhejiang SUPCON Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

5. Jiang Fengxiang, Director of CSP Business Development, Schott Solar

6. Jose Barak, SVP of Development Engineering, BrightSource Energy

7. Jose Maria Villanueva, CEO, Rioglass Solar S.A.

8. Kenneth Cheah, VP of Commercial, Flabeg

9. Klaus Hennecke, Department Head, German Aerospace Center (DLR)

10. Lu Zhiheng, International Business Development Project Manager, Abengoa Solar

11. Robert Pitz-Paal, Director, Institute of Solar Research, German Aerospace Center (DLR)

12. Tian Zenghua, Department of Engineering, New Energy, North China Power Engineering CO., LTD. of China Power Engineering Consulting Group

13. Xu Shisen, President, CHNG Clean Energy Technology Research Institute

14. Yvonne Huang, Head of China Business Development, BrightSource Energy

* In September 2012, China first large-scale parabolic trough CSP project based in Chabei, Hebei Province was contracted by Beijing Guotoujunan Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Chabei Zone. With a target output of 350 million kWh and an investment of RMB 1.8 billion, this national demonstration project is expected to complete by September 2014.

For more Information, please visit: http://events.cbichina.com/con/csp2013/index.html