Scotland wind farm project approved

The 85-megawatt wind power project will have 25 wind turbines and generate up to the equivalent of the energy needs of 40,000 homes.

A wind farm expected to generate £30 million for the Highland economy has been approved.

Scottish Energy Minister Fergus Ewing gave planning consent to Beinneun wind farm near Invegarry in the Highlands.

The wind farm, by developers RidgeWind Ltd, will employ 90 people for its two-year construction and three people directly and three indirectly once up and running.

It is expected to boost the local economy by £30 million during construction and bring in £3 million a year once operational, including £500,000 a year paid to local communities.

Mr Ewing said: “The construction of the Beinneun wind farm will provide a valuable boost to the local economy, injecting £30 million and creating 90 jobs during construction, as well as an estimated £3 million a year after that.

“Once it is up and running it will save thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, and it is expected that the savings made will ‘pay off’ the carbon footprint of constructing the site in less than two years.

“In consenting this application, I have put in place a series of conditions to protect natural habitats, local communities and local wildlife. This includes a research programme into common scoter (bird) breeding ecology which was suggested by the RSPB and will include scoter and mammal surveys, fish studies and investigation of the loch profile.”