China Files WTO Complaint against EU Solar Energy Subsidies

China requested for consultations with the European Union (EU) and certain member states on Monday concerning their photovoltaic subsidies, the World Trade Organization (WTO) said in a statement.

“It alleges that certain measures affecting the renewable energy generation sector relating to the feed-in tariff programs of EU member states, including but not limited to Italy and Greece, include domestic content restrictions and are inconsistent with” relative WTO rules, said the statement.

Shen Danyang, spokesman of China’s Ministry of Commerce said that according to laws of certain EU member states, the electricity power generated by photovoltaic installations would be eligible for a specified amount or proportion of feed-in tariff subsidy if the main components of the installations are produced within EU/EEA member states.

Shen said in a statement that the illegal subsidy measures had significant adverse effects on the export of Chinese photovoltaic products and prejudiced the right of China as a member of WTO.

According to WTO dispute settlement rules, if two parties fail to reach any solution within 60 days, a WTO panel can be established as requested to look into the case and make a ruling.