Energy Storage on the Grid

Long Duration Energy Storage Systems: Compressed Air, Pumped Storage, NaS Batteries, Advanced Lead Acid Batteries, Flow Batteries, and Lithium Ion Batteries for Utility-Scale Storage: Market Analysis and Forecasts.

Long-duration or bulk energy storage on the grid (ESG) is by far the largest market for energy storage, and until recently was the only market. Advances in next-generation pumped storage, compressed air energy storage, and advanced batteries have multiplied the technology options available for ESG at the same time that the applications for ESG are also increasing. Pike Research has identified five key applications for ESG over the next 10 years: grid asset optimization, wind integration, solar integration, arbitrage, and the deferral of new transmission and distribution capacity additions.

Rapidly changing energy mixes and increasingly volatile load profiles will challenge grid operators to deliver reliable and secure electricity, encouraging demand for ESG over the next decade. Two key industry issues – business models and the supply chain – will determine how successfully the industry will scale up and fully commercialize these emerging technologies. Pike Research forecasts that, starting from a very low base in 2012, the total capacity of ESG systems worldwide will surpass 14,000 megawatts by 2022.

This Pike Research report analyzes the global market for long-duration energy storage and forecasts the amount and revenue associated with this rapidly changing market using an application-driven forecast. The report provides a comprehensive assessment of the demand drivers, business models, policies, and technology issues associated with the ESG market. Key industry players are profiled in depth, and worldwide revenue and capacity forecasts, segmented by technology and region, extend through 2022.

Key Questions Addressed:
  • What are the critical industry issues facing the energy storage sector?
  • How fast will the market grow and what are the key demand drivers?
  • What are the key countries/regions for ESG going forward and what are the key drivers, barriers, and opportunities for ESG in those markets?
  • What are the estimated installed energy storage and power output costs for the primary ESG technologies?
  • How large will the market be, in terms of MW and revenue, by application and region, in 2022?
  • How will the market segment in key regions by technology and application?
  • Who are the key players in the ESG market?