GDF Suez to Complete Romanian Wind Farm by Early December

GDF Suez SA (GSZ) will complete the construction of a 75 million-euro wind farm in Romania at the end of November or early December.

The French natural-gas distributor will conclude building its 48-megawatt wind farm and is considering investing into other wind projects in the eastern European country, Stab said today in an interview in Bucharest.

“This investment is on track,” Stab said. “We do have different wind projects at different stages of maturity and I hope we can move ahead with other projects in the not-too- distant future.”

Romania is attracting energy investors, including CEZ AS (CEZ) and Enel Green Power SpA (EGPW), with its wind investment-incentive program and the location in the southern Black Sea region of Dobrogea, where the average wind speed is about 25.2 kilometers per hour.