Solar power system on Cape Verdean island of Santo Antão

The solar power production and distribution system in Monte Trigo, on the Cape Verdean island of Santo Antão, which was built using funding from the European Union, is due to be inaugurated on 13 August, according to Cape Verdean news agency Inforpress.

The inauguration of the solar plant, which has been operating on an experimental basis since February, is happening on the same day as the first stone will be laid for the energy interlinking project for Tarrafal, an area near Monte Trigo, which is also financed by the EU.

The European Union provided 163 million Cape Verdean escudos for these two solar power projects.

Monte Trigo, which has a population of 300, in February became the first place in Cape Verde to have an autonomous power generation system. Until then the areas power supply was provided by a micro power plant with a diesel generator that operated for just five hours each day.

The project, which is coordinated by water company Águas de Ponta Preta, involved the participation of water company Águas do Porto Novo, technical university Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal), Trama Tecno Ambiental (Spain), Erhtec (Spain) and Transenergie (France).