China aims for 10 GW solar energy capacity in 2015

Liang Zhipeng, deputy director of the department of the new energy and renewable energy with the National Energy Administration, said that the application of solar power is accelerating in China. The country’s installed solar photovoltaic generating capacity increased by 580 MW in 2010 to 860 MW.

"The total power-generating capacity of solar power projects still under construction is around 1 gigawatt," Liang said. To achieve the goal of 10 gigawatts solar-power capacity in 2015, China will promote solar energy development in three ways.

In western China, which has adequate solar energy resources, the construction of grid-connected solar-power projects will speed up. The planned solar power generating capacity of these projects in western China was set at 5 gigawatts, according to Liang.

The promotion of distributed rooftop solar-power system in urban areas, especially in economic development zones and industrial parks which have large roof areas, was another focus.

Meanwhile, Liang noted, in the construction of China’s 100 pilot cities for new energy and 200 counties for green energy, the application of a photovoltaic power generating system will be actively promoted.