SolarVision Funds Celina Renewable Energy Center

Solar energy provider and developer, SolarVision, LLC, presented the City of Celina with a check for $600,000 on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 as solar licensing fees to erect a 3 megawatt solar energy field on the northern 20-acre tract within what will become the Celina Renewable Energy Center. This earmarks the official start of Phase I of the Celina Renewable Energy Center encompassing the purchase of a 60-acre tract zoned for industrial services along Meyer Road just south of State Route 29. The City closed on the purchase of the land on May 13, 2011. The Celina Renewable Energy Center will include the solar field, a biogas plant, lake sediment ponds and manmade wetlands. Under Phase II of the plan, which was signed into contract with SolarVision on April 12, 2011, the City will receive a licensing fee of $700,000 to build an additional 2 megawatts of solar power on an additional 10-acre tract.

This project is the sixth and largest solar power installation for SolarVision in the state of Ohio. The 3 megawatt solar system will encompass approximately 12,000 solar panels on 18 of the 25-acre tract which also houses an existing cell tower. The City of Celina signed a Solar Power Purchase agreement with SolarVision on December 7, 2010 to purchase all of the solar plant’s electrical output. The system will be owned, operated, insured and maintained by SolarVision. As a part of the transaction, SolarVision secured $17.7 million in new market tax credits and financing through First Merit Bank.

A leader in renewable energy, SolarVision brings to the industry a depth of experience and passion for sustainable energy alternatives. SolarVision’s mission is to provide immediate cost savings while conserving environmental resources and ensuring that future generations have a healthy, sustainable Earth to enjoy.

SolarVision’s corporate leaders are pioneers in the renewable energy industry and understand the impact of solar energy on the environment as well as energy costs and new government regulations.

In keeping with government mandates requiring that a minimum percentage of energy be supplied by alternative sources in 2025, SolarVision provides a cost-effective solution for solar power systems that offers immediate economic benefit without upfront capital investment. Providing a low risk investment opportunity to municipalities and private industry, SolarVision is Influencing the Way America is Powered™.

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