Concentrated Photovoltaic, Solar Photovoltaic Global Market in Report

The report details the origin of solar PV technology as a renewable energy source, the issues related to the power conversion efficiency and high cost of initial investments and improvements in power conversion efficiency due to the progress of new technologies. It discusses the new technology that utilizes reflectors and mirrors to concentrate the sun rays that fall over a large area onto a set of Photovoltaic cells in a small area.

The report mentions the available government support for renewable energy technologies and indicates that only a few companies are currently engaged in the CPV market and the market offers opportunities for new companies.

The report deals with all the known CPV cell technologies, different types of cooling techniques such as water and air cooling. It offers in-depth explanation on issues related to grid-parity for CPV technologies. The report discusses the present energy scenario with the worldwide solar power market with market forecasts, trends and the elements that can make or mar the markets growth. The tables included in the report are arranged in the order of geographical locations, products and usages. The report has performed a detailed geographical analysis for every sub-section in the leading European, Asian, American and the rest of the world markets.