China – Solar Energy Association

Prospects for solar energy, Luo Zhentao said: "As long as the sun, solar energy will always be a sunrise industry," he told reporters that the strong in the international oil market, and some cities widening gate the case of limited power, our energy experts sights on new energy and renewable energy development and utilization.

Expert studies generally show that the prospect of new energy use. China will vigorously develop wind energy, solar power, geothermal energy, biomass and other new energy and renewable energy. Currently, the state is preparing for solar energy and other renewable energy issue preferential policies.

Luo Zhentao said that solar hot water system is the main form of solar thermal utilization, it green, energy saving, environmental protection and so rapidly Selling Well. However, the solar energy industry is now the sun being a hodge-proliferation threat. Currently, domestic manufacturers of various sizes nearly 10,000 solar energy, flooding the with more than 80% are small brand or no brand-name products, these companies are basically workshop production, low cost, poor quality of service is can not guarantee that seriously infringe the interests of consumers, but also restrict the healthy development of the industry, solar industry must be integrated.

Luo Zhentao said that the use of solar energy in China is far from the Western countries and did not meet the diversity of solar energy utilization. In Western countries, the use of solar hot water system only, but also including solar power, solar heating, solar air-conditioning refrigeration and so on. However, there still did not fully apply to our solar building design concept. In future, solar energy not only as part of the building, but also to become part of our lives. Not only provide solar water heater, but also to provide photovoltaic, solar air conditioning and refrigeration.