Navarra (Spain) Explains Renewable Energy Experiences in New York

Members of the "Energy Forum" and the "Sustainable Energy Group", who met last Tuesday in the New York Times Center Conference Room on 41st Street in Manhattan, were pleasantly surprised to hear from Miguel Sanz that, in 2009, Navarra covered more than 81% of its electricity needs with renewable energies.

As in 2009, during the same panel, the President of Navarra provided information that showed the region is a world leader in the renewable energy sector, and he explained the steps that had been taken to reach the current situation, which he described as a dream come true.

On this occasion, Miguel Sanz spent most of his speech looking to the future and announced that Navarra would, from now on, be making a strong commitment to "intelligent energy management", a type of management that, according to the speaker, must include the distribution of electricity via microgrids, which will bring power generation points closer to consumers, reducing the wastage currently being experienced.

The president of Navarra also defended the creation of comprehensive savings plans "that cover all levels of society and the daily activities of all citizens" and described the new Navarra Energy Plan as one of those ambitious goals that boost regional dynamism and competitiveness.

The event, held at the headquarters of The New York Times, was also an opportunity for North American specialists to find out more about the National Renewable Energy Centre from its Director, Jose Javier Armendariz, and wind energy Gamesa, represented at the event by its head of US operations, Luis Miguel Fernandez.