AeroTech Turbines Signs Wind Energy Contract in Tianjin

Speaking at a contract signing ceremony with the Tianjin Development and Planning Commission Chief Executive Officer Donald Shichin Lin expressed the hope that this was just the start of a major sales campaign in the region. “The people of Tianjin have become familiar with our wind turbines and the reliable, environment-friendly power they supply,” he claimed.

“Tianjin is a powerhouse of the Chinese economy, and new commercial properties in the area will have integrated power supplies that reflect the Government’s desire for Green solutions to energy requirements. We at AeroTech are proud to have been chosen as a major product supplier for this program.”

Mr. Lin explained the company would need four years to complete installation of its wind turbines on existing sites plus several major construction projects due for completion by 2014. While most of the VAWT 2 wind turbines will be installed within the Tianjin Economic Development Area, where products trials have recently ended, a number of suitable wind farm sites have been identified within greater Tianjin.

It is hoped the company’s turbines could also be used to supplement the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco City, although initial reports suggest the developers have opted for horizontal axis wind turbines.

“We are optimistic that our turbines will be installed in the Tianjin Eco City because that project includes a large residential site that would be more suited to vertical axis wind turbines like ours because they take up less space and are not as noisy,” explained Mr. Lin. “We have an advantage of other potential suppliers because everyone can see how our design functions by visiting the many sites around Tianjin where our wind turbines are already working.”