China: Electric Vehicles Move beyond Public Transport

The report “Deep Research Report on China New Energy Vehicles 2010” available at introduces the new classification and definition of energy vehicles, and the development status of various types of new energy vehicles. It provides a detailed description on the new energy policy and state-sponsored development projects.

According to the 216 page report, automobile, as the main source of city exhausts, has gained particular concern in the issue of emission reduction. Therefore, new energy vehicles become extremely popular. For instance, electric bicycles, electric tricycles and motorcycle, which can be seen everywhere in China, have gradually been accepted and popular. Thus, electric vehicles will soon become the energy-saving environmental automotive products. Besides the battery-powered, the fuel gas, hydrogen and other clean energy, all have the application case. However, there is still a long way before the massive popularity.

With the increasing attentions and supports from the Government, big investments from investors and strong will of the emission reduction from the public, new energy vehicles have made rapid development.

Up to March, 2010, the electric car have been widely applied in the public transports. Automotive manufacturer, BYD has developed a variety of electric cars by means of its own technology in the battery field, and will soon begin to sell new energy vehicles to individual consumers.

There are many indications shows that the new electric vehicles have gradually been the spotlight. The large-scale production will greatly reduce the production cost, thus making the new energy vehicles become the highly popular product and occupy a larger portion in the automotive market.

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