Northland Power Secures Contracts for Solar Energy, Wind Power, and Hydro Projects in Ontario

The contracts were awarded by the Ontario Power Authority under the Ontario government’s Clean Energy Act’s Feed-in-Tariff program, which is intended to establish the province’s leadership in green energy and encourage the development of a major international renewable power industry.

Northland’s projects include 13 ground-mounted solar projects totaling 130 MW located across the province, the 60 MW Manitoulin Island wind farm, and four run-of-river hydro projects on the Kabinakagami River totaling 26 MW. As an Ontario-based company with deep roots throughout the province, Northland is particularly well-suited to implement these projects. Construction of the first projects could begin this year, after all permitting is completed, and the total investment by Northland is expected to reach almost $1 billion over the next four years.

"These awards confirm the validity of Northland’s clean and green energy strategy. I am also especially happy for the Constance Lake First Nation, our partner in our water power projects on the Kabinakagami River. These projects represent responsible use of our natural resources and will be an important source of income for Constance Lake through their long-term ownership interest," said John Brace, CEO of Northland. "In addition, a number of our solar projects are located in northern Ontario, where we already operate several power plants. These will provide another important source of employment and opportunities for those communities."

Northland has also recently announced the completion of its 265 MW Thorold, Ontario, cogeneration plant, and is completing financing for its 86 MW peaking plant and 261 MW combined cycle plant, both in Saskatchewan.

Northland Power Income Fund is a Canadian income trust that has ownership or economic interests in 10 power projects totaling over 1,100 megawatts ("MW") (net 872 MW). Northland’s assets comprise natural-gas-fired plants which efficiently and cleanly produce electricity and steam as well as facilities generating renewable energy from wind and biomass.

Sales are made almost entirely under long-term contracts with a current average duration of 14 years. Northland’s plants are located in Canada, the United States and Germany. In addition, Northland’s 86 MW Spy Hill project and 261 MW North Battleford facility are in advanced stages of development. Northland also has a diverse development portfolio of high-quality ‘Clean and Green’ energy projects, including wind, solar, natural gas, and hydro assets that supports its strategy of sustainable growth primarily through internally developed opportunities.