Turkey’s Agaoglu Energy Group to invest US$2 bln in wind energy

Agaoglu’s first wind power plant in Mersin province in southern Turkey has a capacity of 33 megawatts and started generating electricity on March 19.

Agaoglu plans to invest $2 billion to reach a total wind energy capacity of 1,000 megawatts by 2013.

The Mersin wind farm is expected to power around 12,000 homes a year and help save fossil fuel of up to 10 million lira every year, Aðaoðlu said.

The company said two more wind power plants were under construction in western Turkey.

Aðaoðlu Energy Group, which aims to be one of the private leading companies of the energy production in basis of established power till 2015 has added 3 new wind power projects located in Bandýrma and Balýkesir to its portfolio, which belongs to Galata Wind Energy Ltd.

The new 3 wind plant projects which Aðaoðlu Energy Group has added to its portfolio and its other investments in energy sector have been presented at the press meeting. Aðaoðlu Energy Group aims to reach its established power to 1000 MW until the end of 2015 together with the other new projects in its portfolio.

The Chairman of the Board of Aðaoðlu Ali Aðaoðlu has told that they continue to increase their investments in different fields, and added that they lean towards the projects in order to extend the portfolio of Aðaoðlu Energy Group.

Aðaoðlu has said that they have purchased 100 percent of Galata Wind farm from an Italy and Holland partnered international company.

Turkey has become foreign-dependent in energy at a rate of 80-85%, and Turkey are paying approximately 50 billion dollars every year for energy. Therefore as Aðaoðlu, they decided to make investment to renewable energy. The energy part, which excesses the value provided here, can be obtained from abroad.
Murat Onuk, the chairman of Aðaoðlu Energy Group which shall create a 1.000 MW portfolio in the next 3 years, has stated that these projects shall be put into practise in 5 years. Murat Onuk added that they are aiming to create a balanced portfolio by turning towards different types of production plants in energy, which has an important part for future designing of Aðaoðlu.

The chairman of Aðaoðlu Energy Group Murat Onuk has pointed out that giving priority to providing and usage of native and renewable energy sources is going to provide benefit for both the country’s economy and solution for the lack of energy supply. Onuk has mentioned that they are planning to make Mersin Wind Farmt of 34 MW, whose construction began in last year.
Murat Onuk, who stated the energy portfolio of Aðaoðlu has mentioned that they are aiming to start the construction of Þahres Wind Farm of 93 MW powers in Bandýrma in the first half of 2010, and added that the total investment shall be 230 million dollars. Onuk has stated that the other wind farms in Bandýrma, Çanakkale and Yalova are on the licence stages, and the Hydro Electric Plants of 60 MW power in Bingöl are in their project stages.