Teco Electric & Machinery unveils 2MW wind turbines

“We’ve received nearly 100 orders,” Teco chairman Liu Chao-kai said during the motor’s unveiling ceremony. “Based on the price of NT$100 million per wind turbine, our orders have exceeded NT$10 billion.”

Having built a reputation in development of large-sized wind turbines, Taiwan-based TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd., a world-caliber supplier of motors and compressors, has landed orders for nearly 100 sets of 2-megawatt wind turbines.

Liu Chao-kai, chairman of TECO, indicated that his firm works out Taiwan`s first domestically developed 2-megawatt wind turbine, which has been recognized by foreign clients and helps to put Taiwan into part of the global supply chain of wind turbines.

According to MIRDC (Metal Industries Research & Development Centre)`s statistics, Germany is the world`s largest wind turbine supplier with a market share of 21.8% in 2009, trailed by Denmark, Spain and the U.S., which commanded a 20.3%, 17.6% and 14.8% share, respectively.

He added that TECO has secured several contract orders and signed letters of intent to supply nearly 100 sets of wind turbines, including an offshore wind farm model, which sell for around NT$1-1.4 billion per unit and will be shipped in the second half of this year and constructed in Taiwan, China, the U.S. and Australia. Hopefully, the new product line will infuse solid growth momentum into the firm`s business operations in the near future.

TECO`s four wind turbine factories are in the U.S., China and Taiwan. To explore huge business potential in China`s market for wind power, Liu said that his firm plans to set up assembly lines around wind farm stations, to offer integrated, timely services including purchases of parts, assembly, system integration, design to maintenance.

TECO is confident of the green business, according to Liu, saying that his firm will seek cooperation with its U.S.-based partner America Superductor on development of 10-megawatt wind turbines, aiming to become world`s largest supplier of offshore wind turbines.

Liu noted that Teco’s wind turbines are available in permanent magnet synchronous generators or DC permanent-magnet motors.

The company currently produces wind turbines in four manufacturing bases, namely Texas, China’s Wuxi and Zhangzhou, and Taiwan’s Chungli, Liu said. “We can reach a maximum annual capacity of 500 wind turbines,” he said.

Teco supplies the niche products in cooperation with Formosa Heavy Industries Corp., China Steel Machinery Corp. and Atech Composite Co., Ltd., which specialize in production of gearboxes, large sized die-castings as towers, and wind turbine blades and housings, respectively.

Teco indicated that it has been focused on the wind power business for several years, and will diversify in the segment to include wind turbine manufacturing, maintenance, built-to-order assembly and operation management for wind power stations. The firm will also kick off development of 3.6 and 5-megawatt marine wind turbines, adding that its wind turbines and related products will contribute more to revenues than household appliances in the future.