California Business Alliance for a Green Economy Praises CARB’s New Economic Analysis

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) today released the most up-to-date study of the economic effects of California’s Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32). CARB’s analysis is consistent with numerous peer-reviewed studies concluding that California can expect robust economic growth while implementing AB 32.

The California Business Alliance for a Green Economy issued the following statements from members in major state markets.

Los Angeles

Clean Technology Investor Tom Soto on New AB 32 Analysis: Clean Tech Investment Plays Important Role in CA’s Economic Recovery

Los Angeles – "The recent Air Board economic analysis of AB 32 confirms what we already know and are experiencing as a result of this vital clean energy, energy efficiency and clean air policy, AB 32, that sound environmental policy is sound economic policy that helps to create jobs. The consistent message that I have taken away from these studies is simply that AB 32 will help to drive California’s economy toward a more prosperous, cleaner, more efficient future, meaning more jobs being created in one of the most difficult times in our country’s history.

As a private equity investor, it is clear to me that the billions of dollars that are pouring into California are playing an important role in our recovery. California’s clean technology economy has attracted nearly $6.5 billion in capital investment in the last three years. In 2009 alone, California-based companies received about 60 percent of all clean tech investments in North America, for a total of $2.1 billion.

The time to act to support our clean technology economy is now, and is a proven path toward prosperity. Delaying implementation of AB 32 could chill billions of dollars of future investments and create an uncertain environment for companies that are creating jobs and driving investment in our state."

Tom Soto is Managing Partner and Co-founder of Craton Equity Partners, in Los Angeles, a clean technology investment fund; he is also a long time environmental activist and was Team Co-Lead for President Obama’s transition team for the White House Council on Environmental Quality. Visit Craton Equity Partners at

California Energy Expert:

AB 32 Will Create Clean, Green Jobs for Our Economy

Statement by Cynthia Verdugo-Peralta, Founder, President and CEO of VPC Energy, Inc. and Strategic Energy, Environmental & Transportation Alternatives (SEETA)

Los Angeles – "When it comes to job growth, there is substantial, irrefutable evidence that growing more efficient and greener will create jobs, not kill them," said Cynthia Verdugo-Peralta, of VPC Energy and SEETA. "That’s why I am heartened that CARB’s new economic analysis reaffirms the benefits of implementing California’s Global Warming Solutions Act."

"As an energy efficiency specialist who has spent three decades working in this field, it troubles me that clean energy opponents are trying to dismantle California’s historic energy security and climate law. I hope the release of today’s analysis puts the final nail in the coffin of AB 32 detractors’ phony, contrarian arguments. Business people look at the bottom line and the bottom line is that more efficient equipment saves on operating costs. In addition, there is money to be made and jobs to be created in the field of clean and efficient energy practices and measures."

Cynthia Verdugo-Peralta, an Air Pollution Control and certified Energy Efficiency/Conservation Specialist, is the Founder, President and CEO of VPC Energy, Inc. and SEETA, Strategic Energy, Environmental & Transportation Alternatives, in Los Angeles. She served two terms as the Air Pollution Control Specialist on the South Coast Air Quality Management District Governing Board; is the former Chair of the California Fuel Cell Partnership and former President of the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America-CA Chapter. She has received numerous awards for Environmental Stewardship, Public Education and Outreach, as well as Leadership in Alternative Transportation.

San Francisco Bay Area

California Fuel Cells Company:

AB 32 Driving Creation of Revolutionary Fuels for Global Markets

Statement by Josh Richman, Bloom Energy

Sunnyvale – "The opponents of AB 32 are claiming that we need to suspend the campaign to save jobs, but they are missing the point," said Josh Richman, head of business development for Bloom Energy. "California has more to gain from the green economy than any other state, and any delay in implementing AB 32 would represent a step backwards for our state both environmentally and economically."

Josh Richman is head of business development for Bloom Energy, in Sunnyvale, a provider of breakthrough solid oxide fuel cell technology that generates clean, highly-efficient power onsite from virtually any fuel source. Bloom Energy’s mission is to make clean, reliable energy affordable for everyone in the world. The Bloom Energy Server is currently producing power for several Fortune 500 companies. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA. For more information, visit

California Efficient Lighting Manufacturer:

AB 32 is Good for Our Business, Customers and Employees

Statement by Terry Clark, CEO, Finelite, Inc.

Fremont – "Finelite believes that innovation, across many fronts, is the key to achieving energy efficiency," said Finelite CEO, Terry Clark. "Achieving that will help build and a stronger and healthier nation."

"As a huge believer in energy efficiency, Finelite proudly supports California’s Global Warming Solutions Act. We have no doubt that AB 32 is a good for our business, customers and employees-from both an economic and an environmental standpoint. Due to California’s groundbreaking appliance and building standards our energy bills are 56 percent lower than the state of Texas. AB 32 will bring even greater efficiency, and that means more dollars saved for Californians."

Terry Clark is CEO of Finelite, in Fremont, a privately-held independent company that designs and manufactures high performance, environmentally sustainable lighting systems for offices and educational facilities. Finelite maintains its corporate headquarters and factory in Union City, California. It has highly trained, factory authorized sales representatives in all markets within the United Sates and Canada as well as a customer base that includes such prestigious firms as Haworth, Fidelity, Verizon, Dell, and Wells Fargo, among literally hundreds of others.

California Green Builder Applauds AB 32:

Green Building is Where the Jobs Are

Statement by Pat Colburn,

California Building Performance Contractors Association

Oakland – "The recession means hard times for many construction workers who find themselves out of work, but the green building sector is a major bright spot," said Pat Colburn of the California Building Performance Contractors Association. "AB 32 will galvanize the construction industry, provide homeowners energy efficient and comfortable homes and bring California closer to energy independence."

"And it’s not just my own personal experience. It is worth noting that in California, green jobs increased by 36% from 1995-2008 while total jobs expanded only 13%. As the economy slowed between 2007-2008, total employment fell 1%, but green jobs continued to grow by 5%."

"I believe this trend will continue as long as California continues to move forward to implement AB 32."

Pat Colburn is Director of Support Services for the California Building Performance Contractors Association (CBPCA) in Oakland. CBPCA is a non-profit organization that was formed in 2001 as an answer to our state’s increasingly scarce and expensive energy supply. It is the only Home Performance with ENERGY STAR organization in California that delivers integrated training in energy efficiency, indoor comfort, healthier indoor air, and a safer, more durable building. Their training curriculum includes HVAC systems, attic and wall insulation, air infiltration, duct sealing and moisture control, just to name a few. Visit CBPCA at

California Solar Company:

Green Energy, Jobs are Growing Thanks to AB 32

Statement by Jose Tengco, Akeena Solar

Los Gatos – "The Air Board’s latest economic analysis confirms our own experience at Akeena Solar that AB 32 is good for California’s economy," said JB Tengco, Akeena Solar’s Director of Public Affairs. "We have thousands of satisfied commercial and residential customers who are raving about their energy savings since installing solar systems. We expect that AB 32 will even further expand our business as more and more customers realize the benefits of saving energy and money, while reducing their carbon emissions. That’s not just good for our customers and the bottom line, it’s also good for California jobs because it means we expect to be hiring."

JB Tengco is Director of Public Affairs for Akeena Solar, in Los Gatos, one of the largest installers of residential and commercial solar power systems in California. Visit Akeena Solar at

Sacramento and Sierra Nevada

Energy and Software Entrepreneur:

AB 32 Sends Market Signal for Clean California Economy

Statement by Nehemiah Stone, Principal at The Benningfield Group

Folsom – "AB 32 is sending a green light to the market for energy-efficient products, services and programs, and now is not the time for California to change the light to red," said Nehemiah Stone, Principal at The Benningfield Group. "Economists and small business executives like me agree that our state has a very important role in creating, sustaining and pushing energy efficiency, clean energy programs and standards. If California wavers, it will put our state at competitive disadvantage in the race to create a clean energy economy. Delaying AB 32 implementation would be detrimental to the future of California jobs and businesses."

Nehemiah Stone is Principal at The Benningfield Group, in Folsom – a full service energy and software consulting company that was founded by a group of successful entrepreneurs who recognize that through collaboration and strategic partnering, an efficient and effective suite of consulting services can be provided to the burgeoning energy efficiency industry. Our clients include investor-owned and municipal utilities, government agencies, private sector energy program providers, the trade show industry, developers, architects, engineers, and other designers. Visit

California Telecommunications Leader:

AB 32 Helping Us Grow Our Company

Statement by Jacob Griscom, BetterWorld Telecom

Nevada City – "AB 32 has created a policy framework that is helping us grow our company in California and nationwide, said Jacob Griscom, Western Regional Manager of BetterWorld Telecom. "For example, we’re seeing increased customers and revenues for our BetterWork(TM) enterprise-wide solution, which provides substitutions for commuting, travel and building activities. Our business is thriving as people realize the energy, carbon and dollar savings from adopting our company’s clean technology solutions, such as voice/video/audio conferencing, virtual PBX, VoIP and unified communications. As AB 32 helps usher in the clean energy economy, BetterWorld Telecom is proud to be part of the solution."

Jacob Griscom is Western Regional Manager at BetterWorld Telecom, in Nevada City. Founded in 2002, BetterWorld Telecom is the only nationwide voice and data provider that focuses on serving business, enterprises and organizations that have social and sustainable missions. Visit BetterWorld Telecom at

Sierra Business Council President:

AB 32 Protects Our Mountain Economy

Statement by Steven Frisch, President, Sierra Business Council

Truckee – "We believe that our region’s economy and environment depend upon strong implementation of California’s Global Warming Solutions Act," said Steven Frisch, President of the Sierra Business Council. "That’s why we’re pleased that the Air Resources Board’s new economic analysis is consistent with all the other credible analyses showing AB 32’s overwhelming benefits."

"The Sierra Business Council is committed to cleaning up the emissions that contribute to climate change and its related consequences like a shrinking snowpack and diminishing water supplies. We understand very well how climate change can devastate our ski industry, which generates $500 million in annual revenue. To do our part, we’re offering free energy audits and low-cost retrofits to commercial PG&E customers and we’re helping local governments conduct greenhouse gas inventories and develop climate pollution reduction plans. We’re excited about helping regional businesses save money on their energy bills, and we look forward to developing a clean energy workforce that provides jobs and livelihoods for our region’s citizens."

Steven Frisch is President of the Sierra Business Council, in Truckee, a member-based organization of over 700 individuals and businesses who are committed to pioneering innovative solutions in the Sierra Nevada. Visit Sierra Business Council at

San Diego

Founder of Lentz Group Global: CA Can Lead in Development of Clean Energy Economy

Statement by Jon Warren Lentz, Author of GreenHouse Gas Bible

San Diego – "AB 32 ensures that California will continue to lead the transition to a renewable, globally responsible economy. While there are arguments on both sides regarding the urgency of some of these measures, forward thinking business leaders see the inevitable and are initiating proactive change. It’s likely that these companies will be industry leaders in the green economy of the future.

That said, in the transition from the industrial revolution to the green evolution there will be more transactions, more commerce, and more money will change hands than has ever been exchanged in the history of man. California has long been a leader in this transition. AB 32 is a driver of transition, necessitated by real physical facts, compelling civilization to employ new understandings, efficiencies and processes for our continued health, prosperity and security.

If we Californians slow or stop our progress towards a clean, green collar economy, there are other states and economies anxious to take the lead.

Yet this is not a choice, but a matter of necessity: we meet our challenges head-on and profit from our resourcefulness, or we regress to suffer worse long-term economic, environmental and social consequences.

Yes, change at this scale does not come without investment. AB 32 is an investment in our children’s future that protects our own present. Those who would stall AB 32 exhibit a preference for dirty skies and dwindling opportunities while generating worse consequences through inaction."

Jon Warren Lentz is the author of the GreenHouse Gas Bible and Founder of Lentz Group Global. He is based in San Diego.

Clean Technology Leader:

New AB 32 Analysis Shows California Should Stay the Course to Create Cleantech Jobs and Businesses

Statement by Lisa Bicker, President, CleanTECH San Diego

San Diego – "The weight of evidence demonstrating benefits of AB 32 for cleantech development in California just got heavier with today’s revised economic analysis by the California Air Resources Board," said Lisa Bicker, president of CleanTECH San Diego. "The analysis and accompanying independent Economic and Allocation Advisory Committee review confirms the view among smart business leaders that California’s Global Warming Solutions Act is and will continue stimulating investments and job creation in the clean tech industry. This hallmark legislation is creating incentives for cleantech companies to stay and thrive in California, creating jobs and hiring the clean economy workforce of our future. In San Diego, we recognize the ongoing value of bringing these companies and jobs to our region and our state– from 1995 to 2008 San Diego jobs in the clean transportation sector alone grew by 2,655%. Solar installers and manufacturers, Building Performance Institute certified contractors and energy auditors, and wind blade manufacturers represent a few of the other local jobs market driven by this legislation."

Lisa Bicker is President at CleanTECH San Diego, a non-profit membership organization formed to accelerate San Diego as a world leader in the clean technology economy. Visit CleanTECH San Diego at

San Joaquin Valley

San Joaquin Valley Green Construction & Building Expert:

Workers Given the Pink Slip are Getting New Jobs in the Clean Energy Economy

Statement by John Skinner, President of Learn Green 2 Live Green

Tulare – "The announcement today by the California Air Resources Board that AB 32 can have an overall positive impact on our economy in the coming years comes as no big surprise to me," said John Skinner, President of Learn Green 2 Live Green.

"My company specializes in training plumbers, electricians, HVAC installers and general contractors in green applications. These are the very workers who were given the pink slip by the old, inefficient, fossil fuel-based economy. These same workers are now getting back on the job in the clean energy economy because green skills are marketable, moneymaking skills.

"The growth of green jobs in the San Joaquin Valley has been a bright spot in our struggling economy–we have seen a 73 percent increase in employment in the energy efficiency field since 1995. Green is where the market is headed and California is exactly where it should be–at the head of the class, thanks to AB 32."

-John Skinner is President of Learn Green 2 Live Green, a for-profit Green Educational Company. He is based in Tulare, California.

The California Business Alliance for a Green Economy was created to amplify the business voice in support of policies to help move us toward cleaner energy, less dependence on fossil fuel, and to help us avoid the economic and social disruptions associated with climate change. The Alliance provides supporting businesses with opportunities to make their collective and individual voices heard in support of California’s climate policies.