Distributed photovoltaic power dominates grid in East China’s

During the hot summer, even with the continuous rise in electricity consumption, the grid in Zaozhuang, East China’s Shandong Province, remains stable. Notably, 70 percent of the power comes from photovoltaic sources.

From 6 am to 12 am, the output curve of the distributed photovoltaic (PV) power generation kept rising and reached 1225.9 MW at 12:20, creating the daily highest record of the power generation output.

In the Shandong Zaozhuang Power Grid Control Center, the dispatch screen clearly displayed the output curves of six types of power generation, including power plants under unified grid control, centralized PV power plants, distributed PV power plants, local power plants, energy storage, and wind power, with the distributed PV curve rising all the way, taking a leading role in the power generation output.

As shown by the data, the highest PV power output that day was 1977.47 MW, accounting for 70.44 percent of the highest load in the entire power grid that day.

Over the past few years, State Grid Zaozhuang Power Supply Company has implemented the “Carbon Peak, Carbon Neutrality” strategy by providing services for the development of renewable energy. Under the special program of “Clear Wind and Warm Sunshine” renewable energy grid connection service, it has made every effort to create conditions for the development of renewable energy projects.

As of now, the installed capacity of renewable energy in Zaozhuang consists of 354.7 MW wind power, 2651.1 MW PV power, 281 MW biomass power, and 362 MW energy storage, accounting for 42.27 percent of its total installed capacity, and breaking the dominance of thermal power units in Zaozhuang.

The company actively promotes the coordinated development of “renewable energy + energy storage,” making Zaozhuang the first city in Shandong Province to issue the distributed PV power storage configuration standards.

For the 101 MW/202 MW energy storage project of Huadian Tengzhou Xinyuan Thermal Power Company, State Grid Zaozhuang Power Supply Company optimized and adjusted the acceptance mode to carry out acceptance phase by phase according to the construction milestones, and to fix and eliminate defects simultaneously. As a result, the project was the first to connect to the grid among the first five peak shaving energy storage demonstration projects in the province.

As of now, the project has cumulatively consumed over 100 million kWh of renewable energy by storing power at off-peak hours and outputting green power, equivalent to a reduction of coal consumption by 31,000 tons and a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 809,000 tons.

Global Times