Acciona Energía and Prologis to install rooftop photovoltaic solar panels on several of its properties in Spain.

Acciona Energía announced today an agreement with Prologis, a global leader in the logistics real estate sector, to install rooftop solar panels on several of its properties in Spain.

ACCIONA Energía will install up to 10.5MWp of photovoltaic panels on the roofs of Prologis’ warehouses and buildings, converting them into clean and sustainable solar power plants. This community solar will be owned by Prologis, while ACCIONA Energía will be responsible for their installation, operation and maintenance for 10 years. 

The energy generated will be used to supply the energy consumption of Prologis’ customers, accelerating decarbonization in the logistic sector, and will also serve as community solar power for local neighbors. As such, residents within two kilometers will be able to consume part of the energy through shared consumption subscriptions. This will enable them to save on their electricity bills while helping to improve the environment through the use of 100% renewable electricity.

Two of the first solar facilities to be installed will be located in Penedès (Barcelona) and in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid) and will have a capacity of 2,5MWp and 3MWp respectively. These two facilities alone will prevent the emission of 3,300 tons of CO2 every year, thanks to the consumption of local clean energy.

With this agreement, Prologis is furthering its sustainability objectives and ESG criteria. The company has over 500MW of solar capacity, which puts it halfway to its target of 1GW by 2025. This is crucial to help its customers to achieve their sustainability goals. “We are a company that, given the current energy transition, is constantly working and innovating with new sustainable formulas to apply in our logistics parks, such as this alliance with ACCIONA Energía. Our Net Zero 2040 program offers us a realistic timetable for achieving our sustainable goals and includes a constant evaluation of the carbon footprint of all our buildings, allowing us to draw up a plan of measures for the coming years,” explains Cristian Oller, Head of Asset Management for Southern Europe at Prologis.

Meanwhile, ACCIONA Energía reaffirms its commitment to boost self-consumption and decentralized energy generation to decarbonize the logistics and transport sectors, as well as Spanish homes. The company offers energy services to corporate customers and public entities in Spain and, since last year, it has expanded its business to residential customers and small and medium-sized enterprises