Egypt addresses energy shortages with ambitious construction of 10 Gigawatts of wind power in 2026

Egypt is taking a significant step towards its renewable energy goals with the construction of a massive $10 billion wind farm, set to begin in March 2026. This ambitious project, which will be one of the largest in the world, is expected to , generate a substantial 10 gigawatts. of energy once completed in 2032.

The wind farm, a collaborative venture between Egyptian company Infinity and Abu Dhabi’s Masdar, faced initial delays due to land acquisition challenges in the Upper Egypt region of Western Sohag. However, as Bloomberg reported, the project is now on track to begin construction in early 2026.

This development comes at a crucial time for Egypt, which has been grappling with scheduled power outages due to rising temperatures and the growing demand for electricity from its population of more than 105 million. The planned energy production from the wind farm will be a boon, allowing Egypt to gradually decommission some gas-fired plants and reduce its dependence on fossil fuels.

Egypt has set the ambitious goal of achieving 42% renewable energy in its energy mix by 2030. The 10 gigawatt wind farm will play a key role in achieving this goal, significantly contributing to reducing carbon footprint and dependency of the country’s natural gas.

This project is not an isolated effort. In 2022, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) partnered with several international entities to invest $1.1 billion in the construction of Egypt’s largest solar and wind power plants. This initiative, highlighted by Innovation Village, aims to deliver more than 1 gigawatt of renewable energy at competitive prices while significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Egypt’s wind farm project underscores the nation’s commitment to a sustainable energy future. The government’s dedication to expanding renewable energy infrastructure, along with private sector investments, demonstrates a concerted effort to address energy challenges and adopt a greener path forward.

As Egypt moves forward with this monumental wind farm project, it sets an example for other nations in the region and beyond, showcasing the potential of renewable energy to transform energy landscapes and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Smart Megwai,