Colombia exceeds 1 gigawatt of photovoltaic solar energy in commercial operation

The milestone was achieved with the entry into commercial operation of the La Loma and Fundación photovoltaic projects, run by Enel. The country has the goal of incorporating 6 gigawatts of renewables by 2026.
With the entry of these parks, of 150 and 90 megawatts of net effective capacity respectively, the system completed 1,193 megawatts (or 1.2 gigawatts) of energy, of which 952 MW have been installed since January 2023.

The La Loma solar project, which is located in the municipality of El Paso, in Cesar, has an area of ??387 hectares and 400,000 solar panels, making it considered the largest in Colombia.

This will generate 420 gigawatts per year of clean energy, equivalent to the consumption of about 600,000 people, that is, a population like that of Bucaramanga.
For its part, the Fundación solar park is located in Pivijay, in Magdalena, and will generate 267 gigawatts per year. According to Enel, its La Loma, Fundación and El Paso solar parks represent more than 34% of the solar energy produced throughout Colombia’s interconnected system.
For its part, Upme stated that there are currently 637.08 megawatts of photovoltaic and wind projects that are close to entering into commercial operation. which would add a total capacity of 1,830 renewable megawatts.