Presented the first map of offshore wind energy in Uruguay

Uruguay has made great progress in diversifying the energy matrix in recent years and wind energy has been gaining ground. Now it is proposed to move forward with a wind farm in the sea.
Ancap and the University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) developed the first map to install offshore wind energy turbines in Uruguay.

One of the researchers at the Technological University, Franciele Weschenfelder, explained why more energy could be generated from the sea: “There is a lot of wind in Uruguayan territory, it is a stronger wind and it means there is more energy generation.”

Ancap’s goal is to be able to use this energy for green hydrogen projects. That is why Weschenfelder indicated that “Uruguay is thinking that a second energy transition (…) will be a new business market.”
This model developed by researchers at the Technological University simulates the operation of the offshore wind base for one year and to have more solid data, they must analyze how it would work for three years.