Türkiye broke a record in wind power and photovoltaic

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Alparslan Bayraktar announced that electricity production from solar and wind energy broke a record in April.

Minister Bayraktar stated that solar-based electricity production reached 2.4 billion kWh in April, breaking an all-time monthly record, and said: “This amount of production also means a record in terms of the share of solar energy “. total electricity production, with a 10 percent share. ” saying.

Bayraktar stated that a similar record in wind energy-based electricity production was reached in April: “In April we reached the highest level of wind energy-based electricity production of all time, worth 3.2 billion of kWh”. he made the statement.

Last month’s record solar and wind energy production increased the total value of electricity production based on renewable resources to 15.5 billion kWh.

Minister Bayraktar stated that his objective is to increase the installed capacity of renewable energies by 2035 thousand megawatts by 60.