Endesa installs a new photovoltaic plant for Resilux

The new self-consumption installation will save Resilux’s energy needs by 22% and will reduce its carbon footprint by 1,295.4 tons of CO2 per year, the equivalent of the absorption capacity of 7,760 trees/year. The initial investment will be carried out by Congenio, the vehicle company of Endesa on your energy consumption bill.

The Resilux complex located in Higuera La Real and destined for the manufacturing and marketing of plastic packaging materials, one of the leading companies in the recycling sector, has reaffirmed its commitment to the environment thanks to its latest major self-consumption project. , from the hand of Endesa.

On its path towards decarbonization, Resilux has entrusted Endesa This installation, designed in two phases of execution, is halfway through its completion, with the first phase already completed and 630 kW already installed on its roof.

Thanks to this commitment to the environment, this company from Badajoz, leader in its sector, will avoid the production of 1,295.4 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, which will be equivalent to the action of 7,760 adult trees. Likewise, Resilux will obtain a saving of 22% on its current electricity demand, thus making its costs and consumption more efficient.

The business model agreed with Resilux last July has been that of comprehensive energy management, where the investment is made by Endesa installation maintenance. For its part, Resilux will only pay a fixed price for the self-consumed energy from the photovoltaic installation, once it is put into service, for a period of 15 years.

With this self-consumption solution offered by Endesa . . To achieve this, Endesa X offers all its knowledge of the energy sector, the most cutting-edge technology and the support of a solid company that guarantees a successful result.

Sustainability and commitment to the customer.

At a time when consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable packaging for both the food and non-food products they consume, Resilux has taken on this challenge by producing PET solutions, one of its differential products, which are beneficial for people and for the planet..

Its activity focuses on the combination of high quality, safe use and a relentless approach to reuse, as well as finding the best packaging solution for each client, using innovative techniques.

Endesa is a leading electricity company in Spain and the second in Portugal. In addition, it is the second gas operator in the Spanish market. Develop an integrated electricity generation, distribution and marketing business. It also offers electric mobility services, where it is one of the main charging point operators in Spain, and other value-added services aimed at the electrification of energy uses in homes, companies, industries and public administrations. Endesa is firmly committed to the United Nations SDGs and, as such, decisively promotes the development of renewable energies through Enel Green Power Spain, the digitalization of networks through e-distribution and corporate social responsibility. In this last area we also act from the Endesa Foundation. Our human team totals around 9,000 employees. Endesa is part of Enel, the largest electricity group in Europe.

Dedicated to the production of PET preforms and containers with high performance and maximum quality, they offer the market the best solution for multi-layer preforms and barrier containers, integrating their cutting-edge technology.

Resilux is a consolidated company in the market, with more than 25 years of experience driven by a creative, young, dynamic and customer-oriented team. Passion and motivation are in your DNA. It is one of the most prominent companies in the PET market mainly due to its strategic approach, technological leadership, diversification, patents and registered designs.

Resilux has sustainability as its objective, a fundamental pillar in its daily work. This company is developing the plastic industry of the future, where being sustainable is the only option. They take care of our planet and demonstrate it by reducing the carbon footprint, through the efficient use of energy resources throughout the entire supply chain and promoting solar energy with a project as motivating as this one. We share our customers’ interest in the well-being of people and the planet by promoting collection, reuse and recycling. RESILUX, Develops the concept of industrial ecology; Used PET packaging is not considered “waste” but rather a valuable raw material.

Resilux reaffirms its commitment to the planet by collaborating with Endesa X in the production of renewable energy and having its own recycled PET extrusion plant. This provides greater control over the entire production chain, security, reliability and momentum in its ambitious task of caring for and loving our planet.

As an added value, Resilux offers personalized advice, its R&D&i laboratory provides new designs, aimed at reducing the weight of containers, achieving online improvements and specific palletizing to reduce the impact of transportation in each of the operations.