Uriel Renovables connects the first hybrid photovoltaic-biogas plant in Spain

Uriel Renovables has connected the first megawatt of its photovoltaic installation to the Montemarta Cónica Comprehensive Urban Solid Waste Treatment Center, located in Alcalá de Guadaira (Seville).
The project combines the energy generated by landfill biogas with that of solar modules, located in already closed waste disposal vessels.
Uriel Renovables, a Spanish renewable energy company with a global presence, has completed the development of the first megawatt of its photovoltaic solar installation at the Montemarta Cónica Comprehensive Urban Solid Waste Treatment Center, located in Alcalá de Guadaira (Seville). The project is promoted by its subsidiary Energía Sur de Europa, a company specialized in the recovery of landfill biogas, and represents, due to its size, a pioneering project in Spain combining both sources of renewable energy.

This project will mean an investment of three million euros and constitutes the first case of hybridization of biogas and photovoltaic technologies in Andalusia. The evacuation power line had been used exclusively for energy produced from biogas extracted from the landfill. However, now the photovoltaic modules installed in already closed disposal vessels will make it possible to make better use of the network’s capacity, as well as to add value to unused land, which is dedicated to waste disposal, thus closing the circle.

Arturo Caraballo, Managing Director of Energía Sur de Europa, explains: “This project constitutes a special challenge for us as it is the first experience in which we combine landfill biogas technology with photovoltaic solar. “We are sure that this concept of hybridization will have a huge impact not only in our company, but in the entire sector.”

The photovoltaic installation of Energía Sur de Europa will reach a total power of three megawatts and the remaining two megawatts are expected to be in operation throughout next autumn. In this first phase, an annual electrical energy of 2,050 MWh will be generated, which will reach 6,365 MWh when the second phase, currently under construction, comes into operation.

Uriel Renovables has developed more than 600 MW of green energy in its more than 30-year history, and has 1,300 MW in its portfolio in different technologies such as solar, wind, hydraulic, biogas and batteries. Its scope of action includes Europe, the United States and Latin America. Uriel Renovables belongs to the Huarte Family business group.