Nordex begins wind turbine order intake of 2.1 GW of wind in the first quarter of 2024

Nordex recorded an order intake of 338 wind turbines with a total capacity of 2,086 MW in the first quarter of 2024 (Q1 2023: 1,021 MW). The average sales price in euros per megawatt of capacity (ASP) amounted to 0.85 million euros/MW (first quarter of 2023: 0.90 million euros/MW).

The Nordex Group received orders from eleven countries. The largest individual markets were Germany, South Africa and Lithuania.

“With an order intake of more than 2 GW and stable prices, we build on the success of previous quarters and start the new year well. “I am very happy to have obtained several important orders in different regions, as this shows that our turbines are in demand both inside and outside Europe,” says José Luis Blanco, general director of the Nordex Group.

The Group has installed around 50 GW of wind energy capacity in more than 40 markets and in 2023 generated revenues of €6.5 billion. The company currently has a staff of approx. 10,000. Joint manufacturing capacity includes factories in Germany, Spain, Brazil, India, the United States (suspended) and Mexico. The product portfolio focuses on onshore turbines in the 4 to 6 MW+ class, which are tailored to the market requirements of countries with limited space and regions with limited grid capacity.