Germany accelerates photovoltaic expansion, 13 additional gigawatts in 2024 and 18 gigawatts in 2025

The German government adopts the “Solar Package I” to promote the energy transition in Germany.
The German government has adopted the “Solar Package I”, a legislative package designed to further accelerate the expansion of solar energy in Germany. The bureaucracy involved in the construction and operation of photovoltaic systems of all sizes will be reduced and the installation, in particular, of small “balcony power plants” will be facilitated.
New photovoltaic systems are already being installed at a rapid pace: almost twice as many new solar plants were installed in 2023 as the previous year.
The Solar Package will help achieve the goals of expanding solar energy by an additional 13 gigawatts in 2024 and 18 gigawatts in 2025. About half of the additional capacity will be installed in open spaces and the other on rooftops.