More than 3,000 new industrial projects choose Andalusia for being one of the national photovoltaic powers

The Spanish Photovoltaic Union, a solar energy sector association in Spain, today organized its General Assembly of Members in Andalusia in which the election of the new territorial delegate of UNEF took place.

The event, which was attended by more than 50 people and the institutional presence of the Junta de Andalucía, was held under a climate of optimism in accordance with the attraction of new industrial projects that have chosen Andalusia in recent months due to the competitiveness and economic security that photovoltaic energy brings to the region.

“Clean energy at competitive prices is one of the great economic opportunities of Andalusia. Currently, we have more than 3,000 new industrial projects that have chosen this region thanks to the contribution of photovoltaics to our community,” highlighted Jorge Paradela, Minister of Energy, Industry and Mines of the Junta de Andalucía during the inauguration of the event.

For his part, Rafael Benjumea, president of UNEF, wanted to highlight during the opening of the event the great opportunity that represents for the region to achieve the decarbonization objectives set by the Integrated Energy and Climate Plan: “If the present gives us great prospects, the future looks more than encouraging: taking into account the objectives of the PNIEC for Andalusia, for which the installed power would have to be increased by 2000MW before 2030, approximately 8000 employment opportunities linked to the photovoltaic sector in the region”.

“Currently, the community has almost twice as many hours of solar irradiation as the countries of northern Europe, which makes photovoltaic installations significantly more profitable. Furthermore, Andalusia has available territory, and fully compatible with other economic activities: if all the photovoltaics necessary to achieve the PNIEC objectives were deployed on agricultural land, only 0.3% would be needed,” explained Benjumea.

For all this, and because solar energy has become in the last decade the most economical, flexible and respectful technology for citizens and biodiversity, Andalusia is currently the third Autonomous Community with the most installed power, already having 5490 MW of ground-based projects, generating 22% of the total photovoltaic energy in our country.

Álvaro Argüso, from Aquila Clean Energy, new territorial delegate in Andalusia

On this occasion, the General Assembly of Members of Andalusia had the objective of electing the new territorial delegate of UNEF in the region. “Our sector is in full motion and to respond to its demands and fulfill our responsibility with society, our best tool, as the majority sector association of solar energy in Spain, has always been and will be to guarantee the democratic participation of our companies.”, the president of UNEF recalled.

Of the three candidates, Eurowing Energy, Aquila Clean Energy and Recurrent Energy, the 73 associated companies of the sectoral association in the territory have elected Álvaro Argüeso, Business Development Director of Aquila Clean Energy as the new UNEF delegate in the region.