The success story of the value chain of the Spanish wind energy sector, reflected in the Catalog of the Spanish Wind Industry

Wind companies come together to form part of the Catalog of the Spanish Wind Industry, showing the capabilities in each of the links in the value chain. In collaboration with ICEX Spain, this initiative aims to show the industrial and technological capacity of the Spanish wind sector.

  • The wind sector presents the Catalog of the Spanish Wind Industry, giving visibility to the companies that are part of the value chain.
  • 53% increase in companies compared to the previous edition, a sign of the growth of the Spanish wind sector both onshore and offshore.
  • Wind companies employ more than 40,000 qualified professionals who are committed to a sustainable and orderly energy transition.

The Wind Business Association (AEE) presents a new edition of the Catalog of the Spanish Wind Industry within the framework of the WindEurope Annual 2024 Fair and Congress, which ends in Bilbao after three days of celebration with the presence of representatives of the global wind sector, more of 500 speakers and exceeding the number of visitors from other editions with more than 12,000 attendees.

This publication is possible thanks to the support of ICEX Spain Exportation and Investment, and the participation of more than 53% increase in the number of companies than in the previous edition. The increase in the number of companies is a very positive sign of the health of the wind sector in Spain.

The purpose of this publication is to give visibility to Spanish companies in the wind sector internationally, offering a detailed vision of the actors in the wind value chain, showing information about their services, products and contact information.

This is a clear example of the wide range of activities in the wind sector, reflecting 100% of the value chain of this industry in Spain: promoters, suppliers of components and services, research centers, associations, universities, wind turbine manufacturers, component manufacturers, market and financial agents, resource analysis companies, certifiers, consultants, training centers, engineering companies, supply companies, O&M and logistics operation services, and companies focused on offshore wind.

Support for our industry drives the consolidation of our sector among world leaders, while we grow in the competitiveness of the Spanish economy and the creation of a new economic and energy model that is more independent from abroad. To this end, ICEX Spain Exportation and Investment promotes the internationalization of Spanish wind companies through different instruments and in close collaboration with AEE, with which there is a framework agreement and a Sector Plan that includes support, among other initiatives, the Catalog of the Spanish Wind Industry.

The success story of the value chain in wind energy, reflected in the Wind Industry Catalog
Spain is an international benchmark because it is one of the few countries with 100% of the wind energy value chain, and the fifth country in the world with the largest export of wind turbines. The commitment, effort, experience and competitiveness of the more than 40,000 professionals have been the perfect formula to be a leading sector in the deployment of wind technology and the energy transition, already being the first technology in the energy mix with more than 30 GW installed in Spain. The sector is prepared to reach 60 GW onshore and 3 GW offshore by 2030 as a country objective.

Juan Virgilio Márquez, general director of AEE, states that “regulation, planning, procedures and, ultimately, the approach to actions aimed at advancing the energy transition must take into consideration industrial and technological autonomy as one of its objectives.” fundamental pillars. The development of wind power in our country is a success story and is a reference for its competitiveness and export potential.”

“This publication is a very relevant basis for the internationalization of the wind sector and should serve as a reference for other industrial sectors. The effort and commitment of the wind sector is visible outside our country, reflecting the complete value chain of the sector,” says José María Blasco, director of the Infrastructure, Health and ICT division of ICEX, in the presentation of the Catalog of the Spanish Wind Industry.