Polysilicon prices on the rise amid photovoltaic n-type shortage

Solar-grade polysilicon prices, particularly in the n-type category, have witnessed a notable uptick, according to the latest report from the Silicon Industry Branch of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association.

Polysilicon MaterialPrice Range (CNY/kg)Average Price (CNY/kg)Average Price (USD/kg)Weekly Change
N-type¥70.00 – ¥73.00¥70.90$9.90+1.87%
N-type granular silicon¥59.00 – ¥63.00¥60.00$8.38+1.69%
Mono recharge¥57.00 – ¥66.00¥60.90$8.50+0.16%
Mono dense¥55.00 – ¥64.00¥58.60$8.18+0.17%
Mono popcorn¥52.00 – ¥61.00¥54.80$7.65+0.18%

Note: The exchange rate used for conversion is 1 CNY ? 0.1396 USD. Weekly change represents the percentage change from the previous week.

Compared to January 17, polysilicon prices have ticked up a bit this week, especially for n-type material. P-type material prices are holding steady but seeing an overall upward shift.

According to Solarbe analysts, there’s a shortage of n-type products across polysilicon manufacturers, driving up prices. To ease inventory pressures, some manufacturers are trying mixed-bag selling strategies, causing a slight bump in p-type prices.

Looking forward, as n-type production increases, sustaining higher prices might be tough, and the n-p price gap is expected to widen.

This price hike in n-type silicon is also prompting some crystal-pulling and slicing companies to try raising their prices.

However, with n-type cell prices going down, silicon wafer prices are still up in the air, depending on power plays in different segments.

By Vera Wang