Envision planned a wind power plant to be built in East Java

Breaking ground in East Java, the Chinese investor, Envision Group, has announced its plan to construct a Wind Power Plant (PLTB) in Blitar Regency. The Head of the Investment and One Stop Integrated Service Department in Blitar, Puguh Imam Santoso, confirmed the development. The Group is set to invest a whopping Rp 12.5 trillion in the project, marking a significant milestone in Indonesia’s renewable energy sector.

Choosing the Site

The location for the wind turbines has been strategically chosen in the Nyemil Mountain area, Ngeni Village, Wonotirto District. This decision, backed by a completed feasibility study, places the project on a strong footing right from the get-go. The investor has secured a Business Identification Number (NIB), as well as permission from the Iswahyudi Madiun Air Force Base (Lanud).

Overcoming Obstacles

Despite initial plans to establish a location in Pacitan, the project had to be relocated due to the area being a shooting range. The setback, however, did not deter the investor’s commitment to the project or the region.

Local Government Support and Anticipated Benefits

With an attentive eye on the central government permitting process, the local government is closely monitoring the project’s progress. They recognize the investment’s potential to bring significant benefits to Blitar Regency. The wind power plant construction is expected to result in job creation and open opportunities for supporting businesses. Despite the limitations of Blitar Regency in attracting large investments, this particular initiative aligns with the few sectors, like the agricultural industry, that are open to substantial investment.