MingYang produces first 18 MW offshore wind nacelle

Chinese wind turbine manufacturer MingYang Smart Energy has successfully produced its first 18 MW offshore wind turbine nacelle. The nacelle, which houses important components such as the gearbox, generator and control systems, is an integral part of offshore wind turbines. With this achievement, MingYang has joined a small group of companies capable of producing these high-powered nacelles. This breakthrough marks a significant step towards scaling up offshore wind technology and achieving the ambitious renewable energy goals set by several countries.

MingYang’s new 18 MW nacelle is designed to optimize power conversion efficiency and reduce levelized cost of energy (LCOE). It incorporates advanced technologies such as permanent magnet generators and partial energy conversion systems. The increased capacity of the nacelle allows for greater energy production, making it suitable for projects in areas with abundant wind resources.

The production of the 18 MW nacelle reflects MingYang’s commitment to innovation and dedication to the offshore wind sector. The company is focused on developing more powerful wind turbines and aims to further improve the productivity of offshore wind farms and reduce costs to make renewable energy more accessible.


Q: What is a gondola?
A: A nacelle is a crucial component of a wind turbine that houses the generator, gearbox and other important control systems.

Q: How does an 18 MW offshore wind turbine benefit the industry?
A: A larger offshore wind turbine can generate more electricity, which would lead to greater energy production and greater profitability.

Q: What are the advantages of MingYang 18MW nacelle?
A: MingYang’s 18MW nacelle optimizes power conversion efficiency, reduces levelized cost of energy, and incorporates advanced technologies to improve performance.

Q: How does this development affect the renewable energy sector?
ANSWER: The production of the first 18 MW nacelle by MingYang signifies progress in scaling up offshore wind technology and contributes to the achievement of renewable energy targets set by several countries.

Daniel Hall