Cost of insuring offshore wind power ‘doubled’ amid heavy losses: leading broker

The cost of insuring offshore wind farms has reportedly doubled due to heavy losses experienced by insurers in recent years. According to a leading broker, increasing storm damage and engineering deficiencies have driven up insurance premiums for offshore wind projects. Insurers have faced significant losses as a result of wind turbine failures caused by extreme weather conditions, leading to a revaluation of risk. These rising costs for insuring offshore wind may pose challenges for the renewable energy sector, potentially impacting the viability and affordability of future development plans.

Research and Insightful Analysis:

The surge in insurance costs for offshore wind farms can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the vulnerability of wind turbines to extreme weather events, such as storms and hurricanes, has resulted in an increased probability of damage and subsequent claims. Additionally, instances of engineering inadequacies have contributed to a higher risk assessment, leading to higher premiums. As insurers grapple with mounting losses, they are reevaluating their coverage for wind farms to ensure they can adequately manage future claims.

The rising cost of insurance may have far-reaching implications for the renewable energy sector. Developers and operators of offshore wind projects will need to factor in higher insurance premiums when assessing the financial feasibility of new ventures. The increased costs could potentially impact the competitiveness of offshore wind compared to other sources of energy, potentially affecting investment and slowing down the transition to renewable energy.


Q: What has caused the rise in insurance costs for offshore wind farms?
A: The increase in storm damage and engineering deficiencies have led to heightened insurance premiums.

Q: Why are insurers facing losses in relation to offshore wind farms?
A: Wind turbine failures caused by extreme weather conditions have resulted in substantial claims and financial losses for insurers.

Q: How might the higher insurance costs impact the renewable energy sector?
A: The increased expenses could make offshore wind projects less financially viable and could potentially hinder the transition to renewable energy sources.

Alan Caldwell