Vestas acquires Utopus Insights to revolutionize wind energy forecasting

Vestas, a global leader in wind turbine manufacturing, has made an important strategic move to improve its operational efficiency and strengthen its core business. The company on Tuesday announced the acquisition of Utopus Insights, a cutting-edge energy analytics firm specializing in data modeling and predictive forecasting of wind and solar patterns. This merger will revolutionize the way Vestas approaches asset management and forecasting in the wind industry.

Utopus Insights, founded in 2017 and bought by Vestas for approximately €80 million ($100 million) a year later, has developed an innovative software platform called ‘Scipher’. This next-generation platform harnesses the power of data analytics to accurately predict wind and solar patterns. The Scipher platform has already been integrated into Vestas turbines, enabling more efficient servicing of wind projects for its customers.

By acquiring Utopus Insights, Vestas gains direct access to the Scipher platform, unlocking its full potential. This deepens Vestas’ digital capabilities and positions the company as a leader in the digital transformation of the wind industry. The integration of the Scipher platform is expected to accelerate the development of advanced forecasting techniques, driving Vestas’ efficiency and profitability.

“The acquisition of Utopus Insights and its Scipher platform has great potential for Vestas,” said Christian Venderby, Executive Vice President of Service at Vestas and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Utopus Insights. “Not only will it streamline our internal operations and strengthen our core business, it will also revolutionize wind project servicing, benefiting our customers and supporting growth across the industry.”

With increased access to Utopus Insights’ advanced data modeling capabilities, Vestas aims to expand its digital approach to asset management. This will allow Vestas to provide more accurate and reliable forecasts, ultimately increasing the performance and productivity of wind energy projects.


Q: What is Utopus Insights?
A: Utopus Insights is an energy analytics company specializing in data modeling and predictive forecasting of wind and solar patterns.

Q: What is the Scipher platform?
A: The Scipher platform is innovative software developed by Utopus Insights. Uses data analytics to accurately forecast wind and solar patterns.

Q: How will the acquisition benefit Vestas?
A: The acquisition will improve Vestas’ operational efficiency, strengthen its core business and revolutionize wind project servicing by providing more accurate forecasts, benefiting its customers and supporting growth across the industry.

Howard Rhodes