CEO Urges Political Action to Protect European Wind Turbine Industry

The CEO of Enercon, a leading European wind turbine group, has called for urgent “political intervention” to safeguard the continent’s industry from falling into the hands of Chinese competitors. In his article for Recharge, Jürgen Zeschky highlights the significant threat posed by Chinese wind original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who are aggressively attempting to dominate Europe’s onshore market. According to Zeschky, the Chinese manufacturers’ practices result in “massive distortion of competition” that European companies are currently unable to effectively counter.

To address this issue, Zeschky urges political leaders to intervene and ensure a level playing field for European manufacturers. He stresses the need for policies that protect the intellectual property rights of European companies and curtail unfair subsidies provided to Chinese manufacturers. Without such political action, Zeschky warns that the European wind turbine industry risks being overwhelmed by Chinese firms.

In response to these concerns, an EU official has indicated the possibility of launching a full-scale investigation into China’s subsidies for its wind turbine manufacturers. This move would aim to assess the extent of the distortion caused by these subsidies and potentially introduce measures to rectify the situation. This indicates growing recognition within European authorities of the urgent need to address the challenges faced by the continent’s wind turbine industry.

While the article does not provide specific examples of the “massive distortion of competition” or the extent of Chinese presence in Europe’s wind turbine market, it emphasizes the potential danger to European manufacturers. It highlights the importance of political action in protecting the industry and suggests that a comprehensive investigation into Chinese subsidies could be an effective step towards addressing these concerns.

– Wind original equipment manufacturer (OEM): Companies that design and manufacture wind turbines for use in the wind energy industry.
– Subsidies: Financial assistance provided by governments to support and promote specific industries or businesses.

Author: Howard Rhodes