Iberdrola Commissions Askio 2 Wind Farm and Rokani Wind Farm in Greece

Iberdrola, a leading renewable energy company, has recently commissioned the Askio 2 wind farm in Greece. This new facility, located in the provinces of Kozani and Eordaia in the Western Macedonia region, adds to the already operational Askio 3 project. Together, these projects represent a total investment of almost 100 million euros.

The Askio 2 wind farm has nine Vestas V150 turbines, each with a capacity of 4.2 MW. These turbines have a hub height of 105 meters and a rotor diameter of 150 meters. Both the Askio 2 and Askio 3 projects are connected to the same grid point, further improving the efficiency and reliability of wind power generation.

In addition to the Askio projects, Iberdrola has also commissioned the Rokani wind farm in the Viotia region, in central Greece. This facility is equipped with three Vestas V162 turbines, each with a unit capacity of 6 MW and a hub height of 205 meters.

With the completion of these projects, Iberdrola now has a total operational renewable energy capacity of 421MW in Greece. These wind farms have not only contributed to national renewable energy goals, but have also made significant financial contributions to local communities. Iberdrola has invested 2.2 million euros in new infrastructure to support local commerce.

During the construction and operation phases of the Askio projects, Iberdrola has created 282 direct and indirect jobs, supporting local supply chains. Given the region’s challenging mountainous terrain, specialized blade lifting technology was used to transport the turbine components along existing narrow roads, eliminating the need for additional construction work.

In conclusion, Iberdrola continues to expand its renewable energy portfolio with the launch of the Askio 2 and Rokani wind farms in Greece. These projects not only contribute to sustainable energy production but also support local communities and create employment opportunities.