Enercon reaches 60 GW of installed wind power capacity worldwide

Early this month, ENERCON reached 60 GW wind onshore capacity installed worldwide. More than 32,000 wind turbines have been designed, produced and commissioned in 50 countries since ENERCON’s foundation in 1984. This capacity substitutes about 60 conventional power plants.

‘Together with our customers and partners, we are proud and delighted to provide 60 GW of green energy capacity across the world, which makes a significant contribution to global climate and environmental protection’, says ENERCON CCO Ulrich Schulze Südhoff.

‘Nevertheless, it is just a milestone on our way towards a 100 % renewable energy system. We have not completed our mission yet’, Schulze Südhoff adds. ‘We still have a mile to go to make the energy transition reality. We are determined, will not let up our efforts and together with our partners will continue to make our contribution to get our mission accomplished.’

ENERCON is among the top wind energy manufacturers and constantly improving its technology. With the new wind turbine model E-175 EP5 E2 6.X MW, ENERCON is widening its portfolio in the range of the EP5 platform with E-Nacelle. ‘We strive to propose the best offer and services for our customers worldwide – with quality, efficiency, reliability, creating value-adding solutions for our customers’, declares Schulze Südhoff. As a pioneer of the renewable energy transition, this important milestone confirms ENERCON’s motto ‘Energy for the world’.